Luke Nurnberger

“For our business, MarketVolt is very worth the investment. It serves as a consistent communication tool that delivers relevant content and specials to our users.”

Luke NurnbergerDirector of Marketing

The Client

Upper Limits Rock Gym & Pro Shop offer some of the largest indoor rock climbing gyms in North America. Their gyms offer a wide range of difficulty in their climbing routes offering something for beginner level climber and experts alike.

Primary Goals

  • Increase sales through communicating specials, events and pertinent gym information.
  • Foster a sense of community among their customers.

The Solution

Upper Limits has used MarketVolt’s software to create monthly newsletters, weekly customer service surveys, and coupons for birthdays and raffles. They’ve also taken advantage of MarketVolt’s link-tracking capabilities which enable them to send targeted follow-ups to specific customer types.

Upper Limits has been able to adjust and adapt their content to their customers’ needs because of their use of link-tracking. Engagements are compared month-by-month to see if viewers are responding to their marketing messages, which tells them what their users want to know based on time, season, content etc.

Finally, MarketVolt’s auto-trigger delivery feature has helped increase Upper Limits email list and better their customer service. Emails of participants who have visited their gyms are uploaded to Marketvolt with a specific characteristic. When uploaded, MarketVolt auto-sends a survey to the participants. Survey results are used to evaluate Upper Limits’ delivery of services.

The Results

MarketVolt’s superior support team, and dynamic content allows Upper Limits to increase engagement without increasing the time and effort to achieve this success. In one instance MarketVolt’s software largely contributed to a sales increase of  more than 800% for a Black Friday sale. This was compared to previous years.

“Our email campaign has proven to be an incredible asset for the business. Every month, links from the monthly newsletters generate huge spikes in website visitors.”

Luke NurnbergerDirector of Marketing