MarketVolt Completes Transition

CEO Peter Shinkle announced today that MarketVolt has successfully completed its transition phase following its spin-out as an independent company. Established as a division of Foundry Software Development Company, MarketVolt spun out in March 2013 after receiving capital investment from a team led by Shinkle.

Shinkle has served since then as MarketVolt’s CEO, overseeing the transition and the establishment of the company’s independent business functions — including finance, human resources, customer relations, office relocation and other operations. With that transition complete, Shinkle intends to step back from daily operations effective July 1. He will continue to serve MarketVolt as an investment partner and advisor.

Tom Ruwitch, who founded MarketVolt and served as President during the transition, will become CEO, effective July 1.

“My goal as CEO was to establish the foundation on which MarketVolt could thrive as an independent company,” Shinkle said. “We have achieved that goal. MarketVolt is financially and operationally strong. I am completely confident Tom Ruwitch, our Chief Technology Officer Bill Langton and the entire MarketVolt team are going to make some great things happen for our customers. This confidence allows me to focus day-to-day on other activities I wish to pursue.”

In the three years since the spin out, MarketVolt has made solid improvements in its software and expanded its sales and marketing functions. In 2014, MarketVolt was named one of the fastest-growing startups in the St. Louis region by ITEN, the 501(c)3 organization that supports startups in the region. MarketVolt is working with ITEN to hone its business plan and to seek further capital investment in the near future.


For more information about MarketVolt, please contact:

Tom Ruwitch, (314) 529-1431 or

MarketVolt and PowerSchool Join Forces to Help Schools Engage Parents and Families

Partnership optimizes schools’ ability to send personalized emails to families

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Feb. 5, 2016 – MarketVolt, an email service provider offering unique solutions for schools, and PowerSchool Group LLC (“PowerSchool”), the #1 leading provider of student information systems and services in K-12 education, joined forces to offer an integrated communications solution automating the way schools communicate with families and other community stakeholders.

powerschool-isv-logoPowerSchool, the world’s #1 leading student information system, supports 40 million users and over 15 million students in 73 countries, playing a central role in a network of integrated systems designed to provide K-12 districts with a cohesive solution to manage all mission-critical administrative processes and instructional data. PowerSchool enables today’s educators to make timely decisions that impact student performance while creating a collaborative environment for parents, teachers and students to work together in preparing 21st century learners for the future.

“Our partnership with PowerSchool strengthens our offering for schools by integrating our email marketing solution with the world’s best student information system (SIS). We have many clients in common with PowerSchool for whom this is a victory. Our mutual clients now can automatically synchronize contact data between our systems and generate more relevant email messages with less time, effort and cost. With this technology integration and mutual marketing agreement, we expect more of our school clients to choose PowerSchool for SIS, and more PowerSchool clients to choose MarketVolt as their email service provider,” said Peter Shinkle, MarketVolt Chief Executive Officer.

Through the integration, PowerSchool users will have all of their email recipients seamlessly and automatically updated in their MarketVolt account, enabling school communications managers to focus less on administering lists and uploading data — and more on communicating with families about education. In addition, MarketVolt enables schools to send customized emails to every family, providing relevant information for their student’s educational experience.

“We are excited to see this partnership with MarketVolt bring greater usability to the PowerSchool community,” said Karin Holtz, PowerSchool’s Vice President of Alliances and Business Development. “Bringing the two products together as one integrated solution creates an opportunity for the education community to reach out and engage parents and families like never before.


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For more information on Powerschool’s ISV program, visit

About MarketVolt

MarketVolt provides email marketing software and services that enable schools, businesses and non-profit organizations to communicate effectively and efficiently. With tools such as Dynamic Content and Auto-Assign, MarketVolt helps its customers segment their lists and send only the most relevant information to recipients. Based in St. Louis, MO, Marketvolt has been in business since 2001.

For more information about MarketVolt:

Patrick Hawn, Vice President of Sales, (314) 529-1434 or

About PowerSchool

PowerSchool is the #1 leading provider of K-12 technology solutions used by more than 40 million users and over 15 million students in 70+ countries. We power school operations for over 6,000 school districts, enabling secure, compliant administrative and digital classroom capabilities with the ability to measure student achievement and other insights from school data. Additionally, PowerSchool delivers industry-leading enrollment solutions for large and small public, charter and independent school districts.


Marketvolt Among Fastest Growing St. Louis Startups

iten_logo-copyFebruary 12, 2015 – MarketVolt has been named one of the fastest-growing startups in the St. Louis region. ITEN, the 501(c)3 organization that supports entrepreneurs in the region, included MarketVolt on its 2014 “Fast Ten” list which identifies the ten fastest growing tech companies under two years old.

MarketVolt was established in 2001 as a division of Foundry Software Development Company. After raising capital for accelerated growth, MarketVolt spun out as an independent company in 2013, making it eligible as a “startup” for the “Fast Ten” honor.

MarketVolt CEO Peter Shinkle said the “Fast Ten” designation reflects MarketVolt’s strong position in the vibrant and emerging St. Louis startup community.

“MarketVolt has a 14-year track record of being a leader in the email marketing space. We have now entered a new chapter as an independent company with the energy and focus of a startup. We’re committed to growing MarketVolt quickly and delivering enhanced products and services to our expanding client base,” Shinkle said.

ITEN ( provides a foundational system for entrepreneurs to work together towards building strong startups and a vibrant tech ecosystem. Working with ITEN, MarketVolt is honing its product development strategy, establishing new partnerships and considering options for investment partners.

Patrick Hawn Named Vice-President of Sales


Patrick Hawn has been named Vice-President of Sales for MarketVolt, taking responsibility for management of the email service provider’s sales team.

“This new title for Pat recognizes formally what the MarketVolt team has known for a long time — that Pat is an outstanding salesman who brings lots of creative energy to the job and gladly provides support to others on the sales team,” said MarketVolt CEO Peter Shinkle.

Hawn, who has been with MarketVolt since 2011, will continue his own selling and client advisory responsibilities. He retains the role of Senior Marketing Advisor.

Hawn’s assumption of sales management responsibilities will permit MarketVolt Founder and President Tom Ruwitch to focus on other activities, including a revision of MarketVolt’s editing tools, a significant overhaul of MarketVolt technology that will require the outstanding technological vision that Tom Ruwitch can provide, Shinkle said.

MarketVolt Unveils New Mobile-Friendly Templates

MarketVolt today launched a suite of enhanced email templates that will maximize the appearance of emails that customers send and are subsequently opened on mobile devices.

The five new templates are found in MarketVolt’s array of basic templates for users to select from when creating a new template for an email. All of the emails have names that begin with the phrase “Mobile-Friendly.”

The dominant feature of the new templates is that they are designed to ensure they scale to the appropriate size for a mobile device.


While many of our previously existing templates fared well on mobile devices, the new templates are designed to ensure a high-quality presentation. The practical purpose of the new templates is to avoid the need for recipients to swipe an email back and forth in order to read it on a mobile device.

“Our users need to have the best possible tools to send great-looking emails — wherever people open them,” said Sarah Wright, MarketVolt’s Training and Support Manager, who created the new templates.

The images below show how one of the templates would appear on a mobile phone.

If you have any questions about which template to use, you might want to discuss them with your MarketVolt Marketing Advisor.

This is the latest in a series of ongoing enhancements to the MarketVolt application.

MarketVolt Expanding

cara175MarketVolt, LLC, a provider of email marketing software and services, has hired Cara Owings as an account executive in Columbia and the central Missouri region.

MarketVolt, based in St. Louis, provides easy-to-use email marketing software to help businesses grow and public institutions to reach their communities more effectively. Since its founding in 2001, MarketVolt has had a sales team based only in St. Louis.  Still, the company has attracted clients from across the country and around the globe. With the hiring of Ms. Owings, MarketVolt is launching the first phase of a growth plan to extend its sales and account representation beyond its St. Louis headquarters. The company aims to expand its market reach and to serve regional, national and international clients more effectively.Ms. Owings, a 12-year veteran of the marketing industry, previously was director of business development for VisionWorks Marketing Group.

MarketVolt is an interactive marketing firm that has developed its own email marketing engine. MarketVolt helps businesses of all sizes attract leads, engage prospects, convert sales, and maximize the lifetime value of client relationships – with maximum efficiency and minimum hassle.

In addition to licensing its email engine, MarketVolt provides professional services to help clients execute marketing campaigns and strategic marketing consultation. MarketVolt has clients in more than 20 states and around the world.

MarketVolt Energergizes with New Investment

We are pleased to announce that MarketVolt has successfully completed a round of private capital investment. This is exciting news because it paves the way for us to grow as a company, enhance our email software and add new service offerings.

MarketVolt started in 2001 as a business unit of Foundry Software Development Company. In March of this year, Peter Shinkle became the managing partner of MarketVolt, LLC. His investment resulted in the spinoff of MarketVolt from Foundry Software. The Foundry continues as an investor. Tom Ruwitch, MarketVolt’s founder and senior marketing strategist, as well as the entire MarketVolt team, remain with the company.

Improvements Coming Soon

We recently hired a new chief technologist, Bill Langton, who will lead development of software upgrades. Planned upgrades include improved editing tools, enhanced scheduling of email deliveries, and integration of MarketVolt with other applications. Your feedback can help us improve our software. Please send your ideas to

Our plans for the future include more than just software. Peter will lead expansion of our content creation services for our clients. His past experience includes marketing manager at Alberici Corp and before that 19 years of professional journalism.

Our commitment

We at MarketVolt are extremely proud of the relationships we’ve built with all our clients. Many of you have been partners with us for more than a decade, and some for only a few weeks. We thank all of you for your patronage and promise to commit our resources to helping you achieve your marketing goals.